If you’re currently living in your home or moving out and want to get your security deposit back, you have to ensure that the place is in good condition. As a tenant, it’s your responsibility to keep the space clean because it’s still for your sake too. If your lease says that you have to leave the place in “broom clean” condition before you move out, what does it mean and what should you do?  

Most of us think about brooms once we heard about the “broom clean” condition, so should you buy a broom and clean the floor? No, because it means more than floors. The “broom clean” is the standard language in the real estate field in which your landlord expects you to leave the place in that condition. There is no specific but there are guidelines on how to do it. You will then determine if you need to hire a cleaning service.   

Reasonable Wear and Tear are Fine   

You don’t have to do some repairs because it’s not your responsibility unless you’re the one who caused them. If the damaged windows or cracked ceiling existed even before you moved in and you brought it to the landlord’s attention, it’s not your responsibility anymore. When there are damages that occurred while you’re staying there and you failed to notify the landlord, you’ll have a problem. You are liable for the damage, so you better repair it. However, the mentioned reasonable wear and tear are okay.    

Don’t Repaint   

This will depend on how you and the landlord talked about this. It’s up to the landlord if he’s going to repaint the home before the next tenant moves in, remember it’s not your job to do this. But if you repainted the walls while you’re still staying there and you did not notify the landlord, you should paint it back unless the landlord says it’s okay. You can do touch-ups though so the overall look of the home will be improved.    

Remove Nails from the Walls   

When you moved in, there were probably no nails and hooks in the home, and when you decide to move out make sure it’s in the same state as you moved in. Inspect the walls for any devices, hooks, and nails that you’ve used to hand your items. Make sure to spackle the whole area where holes exist, so the wall looks neat just like what it was before.    

Cleaning the Window   

Cleaning the window will have a great impact on the overall look of your property. When you look at the house outside, one of the things that will catch your attention is the windows. The effect of a clean window is a brighter and more inviting space. It’s important to do this while the property is on the market. To start, brush the dirt off, grime the screens and scrub the windows with a good cleaner.    

Cleaning the Carpet   

Cleaning the carpet with the help of experts from carpet cleaning in Flat Rock will also improve your chances of getting the house rented again. The number one improvement you can do is to clean the carpet thoroughly until it looks fresh and new. You can use baking soda or carpet cleaner to clean off the dirt and stains. Do the same thing for the odor. Vacuum the carpet once you’re done.